A Simple Anniversary (with Margaritas and Farkel) | Queerios + Milk

A Simple Anniversary

As I sit listening to Case of You (sung by my beautiful sister) and reflecting on the past few days, I can’t help but feel incredibly content. Before Morgan and I first discussed our plans for the anniversary of our first date, I was a bit anxious. What were his expectations? Do we exchange gifts? Is this going to cost a lot of money (our budget is currently pretty tight)?

Thankfully, when I finally did bring it up, we were already on the same page. No, we would not exchange gifts. Instead, we would spend a day together celebrating our love for one another. In so many ways, our celebration was exactly what we would do any other day of the year, and that’s precisely why it was such a wonderful way to celebrate us.


Morgan at Fabiane's | A Simple Annniversary | Queerios + Milk


We started the day with brunch at Fabiane’s. We reminisced about the first time we saw each other and how nervous we were. We both had gluten free waffles, the same as on our first date. Morgan joked that on our first date, I didn’t take photos, which now, thanks to this blog, is a part of our normal routine. I think he was secretly glad my phone died after a quick photo session. We continued our day by roaming around Williamsburg, wandering in and out of the cute shops.


Snacks and Cheese | A Simple Annniversary | Queerios + Milk


We tried different cheeses from the Bedford Cheese Shop, laughing about when we bought a very stinky raclette that made our apartment smell like feet for a week. We drank margaritas and played Farkel (Wyoming version). Then we came home and watched Sweet Home Alabama while snacking on cheese, olives, a gluten free baguette, and drinking prosecco. While we watched and snacked, Tank helped Morgan finish knitting the baby blanket for the newest little one in Morgan’s family, baby R!


Morgan and Tank Knitting | A Simple Annniversary | Queerios + Milk


It was a lovely, simple day.

I was so thankful that we both abided by our agreement to not get the other a gift. The gift of spending time together was all I could ever want. I also realized how appreciative I am to have a partner who respects the decisions we make together. Thank you, Morgan, for a wonderful first year together. Happy anniversary, here’s to many more!


Morgan and Tiffany | A Simple Annniversary | Queerios + Milk