About Morgan


Well, to keep this brief, I am a fine art specialist, outdoorsman, dog lover, cook (though not nearly as good as Tiffany), tattoo enthusiast, and an incredibly lucky man, who happens to be trans.




About Tiffany

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I‘ve been a sexual health educator and reproductive justice advocate for nearly as long as I can remember, but despite my comfort with teaching people about sex and sexuality, I only recently mustered up the courage to tell (some of) my family that I’m queer. Luckily though, it was with the support of my amazing partner, Morgan, that I was able to finally tell them. Now that my queerness is out in the open, I’m excited to start sharing some of my insight into how we can improve discussions about sexuality and gender, for youth and for adults. 

A random thing I’m pretty good at: working abortion and safe(r) vaginal and anal fisting into casual conversation. And not to toot my own horn, but I like to think I’m decent at rock climbing, cooking, and amateur cake decorating. In fact, I accomplished one of my life goals a few years back – being featured on CakeWrecks for my ThreadCakes entry!

About Tank


When I get anxious, I like to lick things. All the things. Other than that, I enjoy hanging out at Cooper Park in Brooklyn with my other dog friends. I hate things with wheels (scooters, bikes, rolling luggage, strollers, etc.), but love snuggling with my family and pooping on crunchy leaves.