Tenga Eggs for Giveaway! | Queerios + Milk

Tenga Egg Giveaway for #AdultSexEdMonth and #NYCPride!

Did you enjoy our Tenga Egg sex toy review? Though we were not paid for our review, when we asked, the lovely folks at Tenga provided us with two free Tenga Eggs to give to our readers in honor of #AdultSexEdMonth and #NYCPride!

You can win a Tenga Egg Thunder or a Tenga Egg Wavy!

Entering is easy, just leave a comment on this post! You must be 18+ to enter.
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Tenga Eggs: Not What Your Mama Made For Breakfast | Queerios + Milk

Tenga Eggs: Not What Your Mama Made for Breakfast

It’s #AdultSexEdMonth and #NYCPride week, so we’re kicking this fabulous last week of June off with a sex toy review!

Tenga Eggs are a lesser known toy for sexual pleasure, though much like normal eggs, they are quite the powerhouse for a small package. They are soft, stretchy, plastic egg-shaped sex toys with a smooth exterior and a textured interior (there are over a dozen different textures available at this time)…
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Do I still need a pap smear if I am trans* or genderqueer and on T? | Queerios + Milk

Do I still need a pap smear if I am trans* or genderqueer and on T?

While on Tumblr, Morgan and I came across a great question that I think many young trans* people are curious about.

Should I still go to the gyno if I’ve never been (I’m only 16) and have been on T for nearly 9 months now?

Such a good question and I understand why theotheropinion‚Äč might not necessarily recommend gynecological exams to trans* individuals (I’m inferring) due to potential discrimination within the clinical setting. However, I believe that it is important to advocate for better LGBTQ health care in order to ensure the future of medicine includes competent care for our community members…
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