Tenga Eggs: Not What Your Mama Made For Breakfast | Queerios + Milk

Tenga Eggs: Not What Your Mama Made for Breakfast


Tenga Egg: Six Pack | Queerios + MilkIt’s #AdultSexEdMonth and #NYCPride week, so we’re kicking this fabulous last week of June off with a sex toy review!

Tenga Eggs are a lesser known toy for sexual pleasure, though much like normal eggs, they are quite the powerhouse for a small package. They are soft, stretchy, plastic egg-shaped sex toys with a smooth exterior and a textured interior (there are over a dozen different textures available at this time).

My first experience with a Tenga Egg came after a holiday trip to the Museum of Sex. Tiffany and I were wandering around the museum store and I picked one up to take a look. While I had never heard of them before, she was quite familiar with them. They are traditionally used as a masturbatory aid for cis men to re-create the feeling of penetrative sex (this is the boiled down version of the spiel I was given that evening). After examining the different textures, some were more exaggerated than others, we decided to purchase two to see how they performed in the boudoir.

As most readers of this blog know, I am a trans*man, and while I lack the anatomy that would normally be used to fill such a toy, I was curious to see what the textures felt like. There has always been a part of me that wanted to know what it would feel like to penetrate my partner, and be surrounded with warmth and wetness; to feel that indescribable pressure that, reportedly, just feels so damn good.


Tenga Egg on hand | Queerios + Milk


Well, the Tenga Egg delivered everything I imagined that feeling to be. After some adjustments, I can attest to the fact that this toy is not just for cis men to enjoy, that all people can enjoy them. The Tenga Egg is stretchy and flexible enough to be inverted, just flip it inside out onto your fingers, then just add your favorite water-based lube (it comes with a small pack of Tenga brand lube, but we love Sliquid Sassy), and… well, you get the idea.


Tenga Egg stretching | Queerios + Milk


The various textures produce different sensations, and at only $8 each, they are a very affordable way to explore other sex toy options and figure out which ones work for you. The primary complaint I have is that they were designed to be a one time use product for cis-men, so they do deteriorate faster than most other products.


Tenga Egg in mouth | Queerios + Milk


If you plan to use them more than once, we recommend washing them with water and sex toy cleaner to increase longevity. Also, if you are planning to share Tenga Eggs, we recommend only doing so with partners that have been tested and/or you are fluid bonded with, as it’s easy to miss a nook or cranny when washing them.


Tenga Egg - blowing it up | Queerios + Milk


Tenga Egg Review Summary


+ Pros

  • Inexpensive
  • Good variety
  • Travel friendly
  • LGBTQ friendly
  • Great for solo and partner play


– Cons

  • Deteriorates more quickly than other products
  • Can be difficult to keep clean if using multiple times


Queerios Rating: 4 Fingers out of a Full Fist, a pumping good time


Tenga Egg fisting | Queerios + Milk


Disclaimer: Tenga did not provide products for review, we chose to review Tenga Eggs as they have been beneficial to our sex life. However, when we asked Tenga if they would give us a few Eggs to giveaway to our readers, they happily obliged! Enter our giveaway here!