Morgan's popped the question in the photo album, Tiffany's answer was yes!

We got engaged!

The shower has always been a place of solitude and safety for me. The water, cascading down my back, and the soothing ambient sounds are always a welcome pick-me-up.  So when I woke up feeling a little under the weather, I decided a shower would be useful. Morgan turned over and protested, telling me to hang out in bed a little longer, but in the end he relented and told me he would make us breakfast while I relaxed. When I got out, I had these beautiful pumpkin spice pancakes waiting for me with an iced coffee.


Pumpkin spice pancakes, maple syrup, and iced coffee.


As I settled into the couch in my pajamas to eat, Morgan came over and pulled out the photo album I gave him for our first Valentine’s together.


Cover of a photo album that says "Morgan and Tiffany."


“Did you put new photos in here, honey?” he asked. “Not since last fall, no, why?” I responded, bewildered. “Oh, I just thought some of these were newer,” he suggested, as he pulled open the album.


Photo album with photos of Tiffany and Morgan's many adventures.


We began flipping through the album, laughing at some of earliest goofy moments, reminiscing about the times we first met each other’s family.


Photo album with photos of Tiffany and Morgan's many adventures.


Then we got to some photos I hadn’t added from our recent trip to Costa Rica for a wedding. “Wait, did you add photos?!” I asked, excitedly.


Photo album with photos of Tiffany and Morgan's many adventures.


Morgan grinned and kept flipping, pointing out how much fun we had at our friend’s wedding, laughing at our absurd dance moves the photographer caught on film.


Photo album with photos of Tiffany and Morgan's many adventures.


Then I flipped the page, and there was a message:

With many more adventures to come… Will you marry me?


Morgan & Tiffany Got Engaged! | Queerios + Milk


I laughed at the options, hesitated and winked at him, before checking the “Yes” box, as he pulled out a beautiful ring. He used a stone from my mom’s ring (with her permission, of course!) as the center stone. It’s absolutely stunning.


A photo of Tiffany's engagement ring.


I was actually a little terrified that he had spent a lot of money on the ring, as we’re on a pretty tight budget. He joked that he “has a guy.” Morgan “has a guy” for everything, much like Barney Stinson in HIMYM, so I wasn’t very surprised by this response, but I was very grateful he was thoughtful and intentional about the purchase. Then he told me he had planned to ask me after making me breakfast in bed and that I had spoiled his original plan. That’s why he was trying to get me to forego the shower!

We went out for lunch to celebrate and took photos to commemorate the occasion. Morgan also showed off his “mangagement” ring, as he so lovingly refers to it – it’s made from a Wyoming (his home state) silver quarter.


Morgan being goofy, fanning his face with his ring hand after we got engaged.


We talked a lot about getting married before we got engaged, so we had a pretty clear idea about why we were choosing to do this. We are incredibly aware that getting married is a huge privilege and have already put a lot of thought into how to have a wedding that acknowledges that.


Picture of Morgan and Tiffany flashing their rings after getting engaged!


Marriage is also something that we hope will provide us some legal protection for our future family. In fact, the original goal in creating this blog was to create a space where we can talk about the family we are choosing to create and the decisions that go into that. For now, our family is just the two of us and Tank, but we look forward to sharing our experiences as we consider other additions to our family!